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2022 Computing Science N5 (Bundle) with PowerPoint[CS(BDLN5)22]

2022 Computing Science N5 (Bundle) with PowerPoint

2022 Computing Science N5 (Bundle) with PowerPoint[CS(BDLN5)22]


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Both papers are prepared by writers involved with SQA assessment processes, who bring decades of experience to the process.

Each paper is designed to match the new specimen paper and the current Higher Computing Science Course Specification.

Should SQA make changes to the question paper format in response to the COVID-19 pandemic we guarantee to make the same changes to our papers for you at no extra cost.

An excellent resource with which to test candidates and provide evidence of performance for possible absentee candidates.

Duration: 2 hours The question paper has two sections:
  • section 1 is short-answer questions — 25 marks
  • section 2 is structured, context-based questions — 85 marks
  • The paper is 110 marks and these are distributed across all four areas of study:
    • Software design and development (approximately 40%)
    • Computer systems (approximately 10%)
    • Database design and development (approximately 25%)
    • Web design and development (approximately 25%)

    You'll get:
    • Question Paper in your requested format
    • Marking Instructions and Question Paper detailed breakdown against CAS
    • PowerPoint Slide Deck containing all questions and answers to use with your pupils